A Kirinyaga trader counting loses after a raid into his premises

The High  Tech Restaurant in Kiamutugu market , Kirinyaga East Sub-county which was allegedly raided at dawn on  Saturday by ;police officers led by their Senior an OCS.

A prominent Kirinyaga County trader is counting heavy losses after police officers led by their senior raided his premises at dawn on Saturday.

The officers armed with their guns and harmers broke into the premises premises at  Kiamutugu market  and wreaked havoc to both property and  partners    who had ,lodged in the facility.

The local OCS who was personally armed with a harmer     and clad in his blue uniform could be seen in video taken at the time breaking into  two counters and a liquor  store  .

The business  proprietor Stephen Kaara narrated how the officers on breaking into the premises  scaled   the perimeter wall and landed into the main hall.

He claimed the ruthless officers then embarked on a damage spree while some  started enjoying the varuous brands of beer he had stocked .

“What shocked me most was the manner in which they broke into the lodgings and found  partners in bed completely unaware  of the happening , exposing their privacy   that led to ridicule,”he said.


A lodging door which was said to have broken into by the police officers at dawn while partners were still asleep at the High Tech Restaurant in Kiamutugu market lies on the empty bed  depicting the serious brutality metted on the property 

The shaken trader  said the officers then started picking an assortment beer crates as well as wines and spirits  which they transported to their nearby  police station .

They also arrested four workers from the premises which Kaara trades as High Tech Restaurant  whom he claimed were pulled from their houses within the  bar.

“By  the time of breaking the counters , none of  the attendants was present since they had already retired for  the night and I was shocked  then to find the  four who were nowhere near the facility being flog matched to the ;police station, “he alleged .

It was further reported that the officers also impounded   Nine Motorbikes which had been parked inside a building adjacent to the Restaurant through which they made the first breaking to gain access  to the bar .

The motorbikes were however handed over to their owners yesterday without any charge.

Damaged furniture at the High Tech Restaurant ,Kiamutugu market , Kirinyaga East Sub-county after a brutal police raid at the wee hours of Saturday morning which left a trail of massive destruction to property at the premises.

This morning Kaara while conducting the media into the premises claimed he had constantly continued to receive threats from the said officer.

“This OCS has told me on the face  that having worked in Kiambu, Ruiru and  Nyeri he will   ensure he  will finish me completely  while I do not understand why the bad blood yet he only got posted into the area recently.

Contacted,  Kirinyaga County Police  Commander Leah Kithei said the matter was now under investigations and she would get back to this reporter  once  the process was completed.

Shockded patrons who thronged at the High Tech Restaurant , Kiamutugu market which was said to have been raided by armed policemen at the wee hours of Saturday morning and who left a trail of massive destruction to  property at the facility.

Worth noting is that it was not clear why the said  OCS would use a harmer to break into the counter and the lodging rooms since  he had no court order for that matter.

Kaara has   also stated he would be seeking legal redress for the damaged property and heavy business loss following the incident which left area residents with their tongues wagging yet he had the required licenses for his business.

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