Bloody explosion looms over land

The prime land at South Ngariama Ranching scheme , Kirinyaga County belonging to the late Ndambiri Mbogo armed grabbers have allegedly taken over sending scares to the deceased's family members and  the surrounding residents.

A bloody explosion is looming at the  controversy ridden South Ngariama Ranching scheme ,Kirinyaga County after armed goons invaded several Shambas    whose owners are now left scared .

But the government in a stern warning has vowed to avert any such an ugly incident at all costs and the said invaders put on notice.

The first invasion was  near Itangi Primary school where the said goons  descended on a three  acre land owned by former Kirinyaga  Senator Daniel Karaba early this month and took over its possession .

The invaders  also started putting up  a house  on the land but  along the way got interrupted  by  angry area residents who drove them away  and brought down the house.

Karaba  who has been farming on the land since 2009 when he was allocated the property by the now defunct Kirinyaga County Council blamed  a  certain private surveyor  for  the mess  the scheme is experiencing.

The former  Legislator who has since taken over the property and filed a  civil suit against the  said  intruder  at the Environment and  Land  Court in Kerugoya  wondered why the said  surveyor should not be arrested and charged  for his alleged criminal activities .

“If bloodshed has to be averted then  this fellow Joshua Bosire  who  has the cadastral map of the   vast land  he obtained from his  former employer must be arrested and banned for ever from setting foot in the area,” Karaba said.

A prime land owned by the late Ndambiri Mbogo in South Ngariama Ranching scheme which armed  invaders have allegedly taken over setting stage for a bloody confrontation .The government has since sent a stern warning over any one taking the law into his hands

And early this week the same goons said to be snuffing tobacco Mungiki style invade the 57 acres  around Kii river section and   kept  24 hour vigil while armed with crude weapons and motorbikes on the  ready as a tractor cleared the land .

The land is said to be owned by one  Ndambiri Mbogo ( now deceased), while  his son claimed his life was in danger from the marauding invaders .

“These  heavily armed and dreaded invaders have taken over  a huge chunk of my late father’s land and  they are now at the planting stage since  the prime property is close  to Kii river , “  Peter Mbogo   Ndambiri, the proprietor’s son .

Mbogo like Karaba is equally blaming Bosire  over the invasion of his  father’s  land  and is urging the government to intervene before the situation gets out of hand .

Yesterday when this reporter attempted to get to the invaded land , he was scared  by the large number of the intruders and the bikes at their disposal as they supervised   the  preparation by the tractor .

The area County Commissioner Moses Ivuto  who also doubles as the local Chairman of the Security Committee referred the media to the Media  to the Mwea East Sub- County  Deputy Commissioner .

“ Kindly talk to the area Sub- County  Deputy Commissioner  Fredrick Ayieko in whose jurisdiction   the disputed land falls under and am sure he will give  you the comments you are seeking ,”Ivuto told the media .

Contacted Ayieko said although he was only aware about  the invasion  of Karaba’s  land invasion near Itangi village , he wasn’t  in picture of the second one .

“Am however going to liaise with the OCPD of the area and establish  the true picture and facts about  the matter . But rest assured that one thing is  clear! We can’t allow   blood shed under any circumstance ,” he vowed.

On  Bosire’s alleged  involvement with the land in question , the Administrator  said although he has  only heard about him , efforts will be made to have him made to  publicly declare his interests .

According to the aggrieved parties, Bosire is the master mind behind all the skirmishes and scandals  which happen at the vast scheme .

They  are now urging the government to have him summoned   by the security committee and made to  make public his interests and why he should  use crude  methods to  ‘grab ‘ land  when he does not even come from Kirinyaga County.

Bosire first came to the land in 2009 when he was an employee of Gachoki  Gitari who had been  contracted by the county Council to demarcate and issue tittle deeds to about 6000 settlers .

Bosire however fell out favour with Gitari and got fired but continued to involved himself  with land  by providing    private survey services .

Gitari has in the meantime disowned him and  asked  the settlers not to seek for his services  since the County Government does not recognised     him (Bosire).

It  is also claimed the name Bosire has a very high  occurrence ( frequency ), at Wanguru police station , Itangi, Morgan  and  Gold police posts  within the scheme.

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