Bursary fund assured of sh 39 million

Kirinyaga Central MP Gachoki Gitari speaking to the media at a Baricho town hotel this  morning where he asked parents from the area to collect and fill in bursary application forms urgently

Parents in Kirinyaga Central have been urged  to collect an fill up bursary  forms as  sh 39 milion is set to be allocated towards the course .

Area  MP Gachoki Gitari said sh 5 milion is already available and will go towards  laying the ground for the process of applying and disbursement of the fund to the needy children.

The Legislator who briefed the media at a Baricho town hotel this morning when he met members of the Fund said     he was aware of the many financial difficulties  the parents were going through .

“With only a few days before the schools re-open for the first term this  year, am urging the Treasury to fast track the release of the funds to enable  our parents meet their schools fees obligations given  the financial difficulties they are faced with ,”he said.

He asked  parents to collect the forms urhgently and have them filled up such that the money will be   forwarded to the respective  schools once received .

On delocalisation of teachers  who were transferred against their will by the  former regime, Gitari said the TSC should  reverse  such transfers   within this week so that  the affected educationists could  now revert to their respective counties by next week .

The affected teachers were mainly Trade Unionists for the KNUT and the purpose of such transfers were meant to weaken the Union.

Some teachers who were  transferred at the time have since indicated their wish to stay in the schools they posted to  rather  than come back to their counties .

Gitari however said the move to transfer the teachers had left many families  broken down and urged the government never  again to make  such a grievous mistake .

“Unless a teacher is willing to go on transfer , he or she should not be subjected to such ill treatment since the family left behind  ends up suffering both financially , emotionally and psychologically.

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