CBC is the future of this country- official

The Kenya Private Schools Association Vice Chairman Solomon Munene shows a copy of  research manual scholars have written on the viability of the CBC system of education before it was rolled out when he defended the system during a press conference at his Kerugoya Municipality

The Competence Based Curriculum holds the future for this country and its critics should seek for guidance about the system, a private school Director has said.

Solomon Munene , a Director for the Kerugoya Municipality  Primary school said the system some Kenyans  were  opposing has been well researched by well-known scholars before being rolled out.

While acknowledging  that the system  might  not  be 100 per cent  good the official said , the small bits which might be   unpalatable should be rectified as the teething problems got addressed  simultaneously.

Simon Munene ,a Director of the Kerugoya Municipality Primary School addressing the media at the facility where he asked critics of the CBC system of education to take their views about the system to a task force the government is setting up/

“Those opposing  the CBC system of education from un informed  point of view should seek for more information from various researches which have since been undertaken some years back and also understand that only some panel beating is required  to make it perfect , “Munene told the media at his  school .

Munene , who is also the vice chairman of   Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA), said it was wrong for a section of Kenyans to subject the system to a mob justice  without first seeking for what it is composed  of .

He also asked politicians to go slow on the system now that the newly elected President  of the country Dr William Ruto had agreed to form a  task force to look into the matter .

“My advice for the critics of this system of education is to bring their inputs to the task force once  it was formed and operationalised and stop demonizing  and condemning the CBC whole sale without facts,”he said.

He said scholars like Professor Fatuma Chege have written manuals about the system which  are available about the system and wondered how  her likes who  come from the academia could mislead Kenyans  given their expertise  on matters education.

Munene’s school is among   the first in Kirnyaga County to set up a Junior Secondary facility which is ready to admit learners  for the system come  next year .

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