Cancer devastating tea farmers

Cancer is causing massive devastation to tea farmers and urgent measures to slow down the spread  of the scourge various stake holders have said .

The killer disease has not spared farmers in all the tea growing areas in the entire country hence the urgent measures to contain  it.

According to the KTDA’s  Head of Human Resources  Sudi  Mitara ,  all measures  which range from preventive  to dietary control  must be strictly put into immediate practice.

The official spoke during a week long free medical camp  held at Kangaita Health Center  in  Kirinyaga County , said the  disease  was also prevalent in those aged from 50 years and above .

“This age bracket  is the one  directly involved in the actual tea farming in this country hence  our worries  if  the disease was not brought under control ,”Mitara said.

And the  KETEPA  Marketing Manager Asko Ogora  who was accompanying  Mitara said the measures being put in place will certainly bear fruit due to the  commitment her organisation   has  over the menace .

Ogora said  KTDA in conjunction with  other state holders were committed to ensuring proper education on how to prevent and contain the disease was  provided to the farmers .

She  said  such free  medical  camps will continue to be provided in all the tea growing areas  so as to equip the farmers with the right skills to combat the disease .

“Once we combat the disease  our farmers  will then be able to put some money into their pockets instead of spending the hard  earned cash on  endless  medication .

The  Thumaita  Tea Factory  Director  Njagi  wa Terema  who represented the  Zone Five Director Mithamo wa Susana  said  the entire KTDA fraternity was ready to the fight against  cancer .

“We are aware the tea sector risks suffering heavy losses due to lack of healthy farmers and as such the efforts being put in place by the stake holders  to reduce further occurrence of this disease have our full support as KTDA, “ he said.

Added  wa Terema “ I must also remind  and reiterate  to our people that a health tea sector is a wealthy  tea farmer “.

He said KTDA will continue to partner and collaborate with all the likeminded stake holders  in the tea sector for the sake of our esteemed  farmers .


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