Carry out radical surgery

The government should carry out a radical surgery to redeem the lost glory of the institution.

The institution which one of the three arms of the government,has been embroiled on a collision course with the government it was expected to work with.

A senior KANU official is now accusing the judiciary of embarking on a crusade to frustrate efforts the government in endeavour to deliver services to it's people.

" Of late we have seen the judiciary making rulings which were not interden with the aspirations of the people," said the Tharaka _Nithi county party chairman Peter Ndatho.

Ndatho cited the quashing of the BBI and later the scraping of the position of the CAS by the courts .

"We were shocked the same courts last week quashed the Huduma number despite the process having cost the tax payer sh 9 billion ," the official noted.

He said unless immediate radical surgery was carried out in the judiciary ,the institution was leading the country in the wrong direction .

"This trend  by the judiciary is heading this great nation in the wrong direction and Kenyans will not allow this to continue," Ndatho cautioned .

The official who spoke exclusively to the Mountain Times  from his Marimanti town base this afternoon , Ndatho said Kenyans can't be held hostage  by the judiciary ad though it was the only institution mandated to speak on behalf of the people even when it was leading the nation into a bottomless pit.


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