Kirinyaga media fraternity  singing songs of praise at Nyangati Anglican church this afternoon when they worshipped at the facility and to thank God for protecting them from the corona pandemic despite the high risk as they went about their  business daily . Local Bishop Joseph Kibucwa offered prayers to them and also placed them in the hands of God as the country enters in earnest the electioneering period.

The church has urged Kenyans not to be dupped  by politicians to vote along party lines as has been the trend in recent general elections .

Kirinyaga Anglican Diocesan Bishop Joseph Kibucwa said experience had shown that voting along party lines ended up giving Kenyans the worst leadership.

He said since political parties were only vehicles politicians use to get to elective leadership voters should go for personalities with proven leadership qualities.

" It all started with Kenyans  being misled to vote three piece ,then six piece but what did they get ? Poor leadership and time has come to discard this party euphoria and properly scrutinize those coming to seek for elective positions come the general elections " ,the Cleric said.

Speaking at St Monica Anglican church, Nyangati,in Mwea East Sub-County  this morning after confirming scores of faithful ,Kibucwa said Kenyans deserve to be led by capable people and not politicians .

“Voters must go for managers and not politicians this time round since such politicians had turned looters of public resources at the expense of development,"he charged.

The occasion was also used  by local media practitioners to to offer thanks to God for having protected them during the corona pandemic which had claimed a number of scribes in other countries.

"As a fraternity ,we are also Christians and we felt the need for us to come to church today and offer our thanks to God for having protected all of us in this county from the killer pandemic since it broke out in various parts of the world since 2020," said John Irungu ,the group's fraternity patron .

Kibucwa while praying for these journalist also asked God to protect them from all those who might want to hurt them during the electioneering campaigns.

“Some politicians or their supporters might feel provoked by the covering our journalist gives on issues touching on such interested people," he said.

Kibucwa however said due to emerging communication technologies journalist could no longer cowed or intimidated as it used to be in the past.


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