Elders perform ritual to have a Mugumo tree uprooted

Kirinyaga Council  of Elders Acting chairman Harrison Ndambiri  briefing the media  after  the elders performed a riraul on a Mugumo tree in Sagana town before it was uprooted to give way for the construction of the Kennol - Marua dual carriage road yesterday 

Elders from Kirinyaga County have performed a traditional ritual giving way to  a Mugumo tree be uprooted to give  way from the  construction of a section of Kennol- Marua road .

According to the County Council of Elders  acting chairman Harrison Ndambiri , the tree regarded as a sacred one is neither uprooted nor cut down whenever need arises without the said ritual.

The ritual includes burning to ashes a whole one colour he goat just below the  tree and slaughtering two others for the elders to feast one .

“During the broad day ritual  the he goat has its  throat sleeted with a sharp knife , the blood  collected in a container   then mixed with the contents removed from the intestines before  being sprinkled beneath  the said tree by one of the elders using a   whisker ,”Ndambiri said.

Added  Ndambiri “ the lifeless goat completed with its skin is then placed on a fierce fire beneath the tree until it is burnt into ashes while the smoke must  rise straight up into  the skies through the branches of the Mugumo”.

A whole goat was burnt to ashes beneath a Mugumo tree by the Kirinyaga Council  of Elders before it was brought down by a Chinese construction company doing the Kennol - Marua   dual carriage road yesterday.. The burning is a ritual they perform before such a sacred tree is brought down.

Yesterday’s ritual was meant to give an okay to a Chines  road contractor who had halted his works due to the tree which was right on the road site near Sagana  town .

After the ritual the contractor was given the go ahead to bring down the tree and continue with his construction  works  as scheduled .

This was the first function to be presided over by Ndambiri after the former chairman Cyrus  Githaka passed on a month ago .

Ndambiri said  since he was equal to the task would ensure the council reached its highest peak of prosperity under his watch .

He said the council was nonpolitical and was mainly concerned with social and cultural affairs of the county on matters concerning youths and women and more so on providing guidance on cultural  and traditional issues.

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