Equipment still in store

Equipment the Kirinyaga Country  bought  use by ECD classes  in the area   over two years  ago still  lying in the store  to the detriment of  the  educational standards  for the  beneficiaries  .

Area Deputy Governor Peter  Ndambiri claimed  not only the equipment was lying in the stores but also other  items  meant to benefit  the locals   and bought with public funds.

He claimed the county administration was to blame for vesting   all the powers  to an individual .

Ndambiri who spoke in front of the Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho said unless   the governor surrendered some of her  executive   powers to  her CECs  and other  senior county officers most of such equipment will expire before use.

“The CEC for Education should  be allowed to distribute the said equipment to all our ECD facilities but due  to  Governor Anne  Waiguru’s hands on leadership the children who are meant to benefit  learn without these gadgets,”Ndambiri  claimed .

He said many things had   gone wrong in the county since no one dared oppose the governor nor bring forward any meaningful  suggestion no matter how  positive such an official was .

“This county which is endowed with so much  resources would be the one  which others  could be coming for bench marking but just look at how backward we are due the one man show syndrome ,”he charged.

He also questioned how the Sh 38 million worth of drugs the country procured from KEMSA just two weeks ago vanished from the health facilities included the very basic ones.

Ndambiri  has  for over a year been isolated  from the country leadership after he was accused of having been behind  the abortive impeachment of the governor  by the area MCAs .

He has been operating from his home at Kanjinji village without being assigned any duties by the governor leading to the said  one man show .

Statements  concerning  anything  about the county must always come from the governor  a trend Ndambiri blames  for the fear the CESs have  as well as senior officers not to face the wrath of the boss .

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