Farmers Warned to brace themselves for acute animal feeds shortage

Mukurweuni Wakulima Dairy milk Cooperative society Chairman Muhika Mutahi briefing the media at the Kibingoti outlet of the society products he opened yesterday in Kirinyaga County.

Dairy farmers should brace themselves  for hard times ahead over looming acute shortage of raw materials to manufacture animal feeds.

Sounding the alarm the Chairman of the Mukurweuni Wakulima Dairy Muhika Mutahi said the shortage has been brought about by the now real climate change.

He told a gathering  at Kibingoti market within the neighboring Kirinyaga County that had the advice of the Nobel peace laureate ,the late Professor Wangari Maathai been heeded by the former Kanu regime ,our forest cover would still be intact.

"Now that our farmers will not harvest anything this time  round due to the prevailing draught,dairy farmers will have it rough and I urge those with some fodder to preserve at all costs ," he said .

Mutahi who served as the area MP soon after the advent of multiparty democracy also took issue with the government for having it's  priorities upside down .

He said no farmer was in  need of the subsidized fertilizer since there was no rain during this time of the year.

Added the official of the royal dairy products " what the farmers across the board now needs and urgently requires us water and not fertilizer,"

He criticized  those charged with the handling of the Agricultural docket for coming up with policies which were only worsening the  plight of the already struggling farmers due lack of animal feeds .

He said the dairy sector was badly hit by the climate change while major stake holders were being forced by the prevailing harsh climatic conditions to exorbitantly import most of the raw materials for the manufacture of the animal feeds from the neighboring countries  .

He also hit out at certain unscrupulous animal feeds manufacturers who make and sell sub-standard feeds to unsuspecting farmers 

Mutahi said after establishing the dairy milk plant 32 years ago he had fallen victim of  the  poor quality animals ,a trend which became an eye opener and led to society to set up its own feed. Manufacturing factory.

" Just as our dairy products are superior at the market and so are our animal feeds ," he said.

The plant has since expanded and has outlets across the country .

"So far we have a workforce of 500 direct employment  and many more indirect and as we continue with our ongoing expansion program with my Directors ,I assure Kenyans this is the dairy sector enterprise to watch.,,"he said 

He also assured residents of the market that the milk depot he opened at the are would ba manned by the locals .

The facility has been leased from the dormant Kibirigwe Horticultural farmers Cooperative society . 

Society Chairman Elias Mwangi thanked Muhika for waking up the fallen giant and added that area farmers and their children were set to benefit from the enterprise.

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