Farmers told to brace themselves for depressed rainfall

Outgoing Kirinyaga County Director of Meteorological Services Peter Wanbugu (center) briefing the media on the expected depleted short rains in the area this morning

The expected short rains will be depressed and as such farmers should brace themselves for the eventuality, the  weatherman  has cautioned.

The depressed rains according to the Kirinyaga County Director of Meteorological Services Peter Wambugu ,  will come  as from late October , and spread all though to December.

“Most of the seasonal rainfall is expected to be poorly distributed both in time  and space especially during the onset   month of October and the peak month of November ,” the weather scientist said.

The official was speaking to the media moments after opening a stake holders symposium in Kerugoya town this morning.

The stake holders will in turn inform the farmers on the weather projections appropriately for proper preparedness.

Traditional weather experts were also present who concurred with the scientific weatherman that the climate change was real.

“As you have all noticed,  there  has been a prolonged cold weather   spell which has affected the flowering patterns of  both indigenous tree species as well as the exotic ones ,”Wambugu   observed .

He said  the cold  spell would normally be over by mid-August but has continued all the way  to late  September .

Geographically, the sun is normally on the equator on Sept 21 (  tomorrow), while the weather is mostly very hot but this  was  not the case now  due to the unprecedented  global phenomenon.

The depressed rains  will range from 100 mm to 200 mm with isolated  incidences of  storms with a likelihood  of flash floods .

“As a result   many sectors are likely to be impacted in varuous ways and with adequate  preparations the county can avoid some of the likely  negative impacts  while taking full advantage of the positive ones “, he said.

Such sectors include   Agriculture ,Food Security and Livestock Sectors , Transport and Public  Safety , Water  Resources  Management Sector ,Energy , Health and Environment and Natural Resources sectors .

County Conservator of Forests Paul Karanja who was present urged farmers to take advantage of the rains and plant new tree seedlings which are available in all the area Sub- Counties .

He also said the county had many private tree nurseries where farmers could  still be able to but the seedlings of their choice  and  promote the entrepreneurs who operate them.

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