Fierce fire guts down a Jua Kali shed in Kerugoya town

A fierce fire has reduced to ashes a Jua Kali Artsan shed in Kerugoya   town leaving the proprietor countings heavy loses.

The fire which started  in the modern furniture  shed shortly after 8 am this morning  developed into a raging inferno due to the timber and highly inflammable material stored there in.

Foam sponges the carpenter was using to make sofa sets , turpentine and  other items grossly  contributed  to the speed  at which the fire spread .

The County Fire Brigade was said to have taken time to respond leading to the rapid spread of the fire.

“When the fire engine finally arrived at the scene, its high speed  horse pipe  could only eject out  water droplets leaving  curious Wananchi watching kin disbelieve ,”a witness  said.

Also reduced to a shell was a vehicle which had been parked outside the high end workshop .

The owner was later   spotted weeping on finding just shell of what used to be his vehicle  .

It claimed  the vehicle  had developed some mechanical problems which forced the owner to park it there as he went to seek for a mechanic.

Later water bowser from the county drove to the scene albeit too late since the  iron/timber structure  had already been razed to the  ground .

It could not however be established immediately what caused the  fire , though it appeared  it originated from  inside  the well-stocked workshop .

Nothing could be salvaged from the workshop due to the high intensity caused by the fire while the losses were estimated to run into millions of shillings due to the high quality of the items the proprietor used to make .

The proprietor of the business  Mr   Eliakim Otieno Obadha  who is the best rated carpenter in the county could not reached for comments as he was reportedly in deed shock on leaning of the incident .

Due to the just started   January dry spell this is likely to be the trend  in most parts of the country .

Ironically no police officer was within the site despite an AP camp and the local Police station being within the vicinity of the incident except disillusioned area residents

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