Governor dismises her opponents as jokers

Governor Anne Waiguru addressing a gathering moments after she opened Kamwana dispensary within  Ngariama  Ward  yesterday

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has dismissed   those salivating for her seat as jokers without any track record on development.

She likened   her opponents with people who ride on the success of othe hoping to receive the trophy they had not worked for .

The governor outlined the many development projects her administration had accomplished during her  term despite the many  handles she had to clear  in the first two years.

As you may recall , my administration has carried out massive development in this county despite the many road blocks  my political adversaries had erected along the way ,”she said.

Added the governor “first it was an election petition  which took a lot of time but we  still emerged victorious  through the Grace of God ,and immediately thereafter , an impeachment handle was already in place ,”.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru officially opening  Kamwana dispensary within Ngariama   Ward , Gichugu constituency

Waiguru however said despite the odds she has still managed to deliver especially on health and  markets and challenged those seeking to unseat her had done for the county .

“Look at the positive transformation  of the Kerugoya level Four hospital to an ultra-modern Level Five facility  and the about twenty markets we have since built to modern standards across the county , “ the second county governor said.

She spoke moments  after opening a new  Kamwana   dispensary within her  Ngariama Ward yesterday where she assured  the locals that  her administration was set to build  them a market like  it has done  in  urban centers.

During the occasion , drama unfolded  when the area MCA Mathew Ireri was booed and heckled after he was given an opportunity to address the residents .

The  gathering got infuriated by the MCA  whom they accused of having abandoned them only to come and ride of Waiguru’s popularity in the area .

The crowd completely drowned Ireri’s inaudible speech  prompting Waiguru to intervene  and called for calm.

A patient gets examined at the newly opened Kamwana   dispensary in Ngariama Ward , Gichugu constituency  by Governor Anne   Waiguru looks on yesterday.

The locals however  told Waiguru the MCA should just leave the venue as they were not interested in his  speech of which he obliged  and drove away miserably having been humiliated  right at his turf .

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