Havila attracts a record turn out over Xmas

Visitors getting ready to enjoy rafting at the Sagana river which forms the high number of attractions at the Havila Resort to  both  domestic  and International tourists

As the Christmas festivals got fever  pitch yesterday ,  families from various parts of the country and oversees  thronged the Havila Resort in Kirinyaga County to spend the holidays .

The  resort on the other hand did not let the tourists down after it ensured dishes were prepared according to individual  tastes .

Under the patronage of Chef Denis Kirungu ,  African quisine  was served  as  were the Swahili  dishes  were readily available.

“Our Christmas Special comprised of Pakistan Barbeque,Swahili Biriani,and much more like  prawns (carry , biryani ,and masala ), Chicken (biryani ,curry , masala,nuggets and wings )  to Mbuzi (fry and coconut),”the long experienced chef told the Mountain times at the facility.

Tourists who thronged Havila Resort ,Kirinyaga County enjoying rafting  at the Sagana river on Boxing Day 

At the facility , water rafting  dominated the entertainment scene as visitors made it to the Sagana river where the resort is situated .

The water sport appeared to be the daring of the foreign holiday makers as well as the locals .

The section of the rafting comprises of a deep  still water  , followed  by a rapid  and fast flowing one which makes   the sport a scene to behold.

The  resort is also  known world over for its uniqueness  in Kayaking and canoeing , while the facility was declared  as the International Olympic site  for the Rio qualifiers in 2015

Visitors getting ready to enjoy rafting at the Sagana river which forms the high number of attractions at the Havila Resort to  both  domestic  and International tourists 

Other than the  water sport , cricket  and badminton  also attracted a number of the visitors who started arriving at the facility since  Thursday last week .

One tourist Patel Shah said he always frequents the resort   during such kind of festive seasons , Easter Holidays including Mashujaa Days.

“If I do not bring my entire family to this resort ,they regard the  season as wasted hence my  consistence  in ensuring we are at this facility  for merry making and holidaying, ”Patel said.

International tourists who had camped at the HAVILA Resort , Kirinyaga County for the christmas  holidays 

The facility has camp sites where families spend their  time  in comfort and at their own pace.

The  resort has also high class  rooms which conform to  the required international standards and manned by highly trained personnel in the hospitality industry.

Chef Denis Kirungu doing what he does best at the Havila Resort to ensure visitors get enough value of their money

Resort proprietor Alexander Chege said  despite the challenges posed by the outbreak of the covid pandemic , he was trying his best to ensure those who visited  the facility were not only safe but well protected.


“Following the outbreak of the pandemic , the hospitality sector was badly hit but by the Grace of God we have remained afloat and once the menace was over  we will be 100 per cent operational even as we continue to strictly observe the laid down  ministry of health guidelines ,”Chege said.

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