Havilla Resort ready to accommodate visitors

Havila Resort Restaurant frontage  situated on the banks of Sagana river , Kirinyaga County and which is  the International Olympic site for Kayaking and Canoeing 

Havilla Resort has reserved six executive rooms for visitors attending this year’s Mashujaa Day Celebrations at Wanguru stadium , Kirinyaga County .

Also available  are 200 beds in tented camp within the facility which is located on the banks of  Sagana  river .

According to the facility proprietor Alexander all covid -19 protocols have been strictly adhered to   , to ensure the safety of the guests and the employees.

He said those wishing to  attend the celebrations  could book  for their accommodation on-line or drive there at their convenience.

“Havilla Resort is only 100 meters off the Makutano- Sagana highway and only 20 minutes’ drive to Wanguru  stadium  for information of those wishing to be accommodated here ,”Chege told the media this afternoon.

The facility  is also the International  Olympic Site for Canoeing and Kayaking after it was declared and designated  to the status in 2005.

Since then Havilla has continued to attract visitors from across the world and  who specifically indicate to their booking agents  to ensure they landed at the facility and nothing short .

This afternoon Chege said despite the hospitality sector having been badly hit by the covid pandemic , Havilla had withstood the negative impact while every effort had not been spared to ensure the safety of the visitors was guaranteed .

“The entire facility is safe to our visitors since we have installed washing points in all the corners , ensured safe distances were maintained  at the lodge  and even at the  tents,”the  business man said.

The venue of the fete will only accommodate 3000 people though it has a seating  capacity of 10,000  due to public health restrictions to avoid the spread of the pandemic .

Out of the 3000 attendees, 2000 will be from  Kirinyaga , the host while the rest will be from the other 46 counties according to the National celebration Committee chairman Karanja Kibicho .

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