Hospitality sector hit hard by the lock down

 Both International and  Domestic Tourists enjoying Water Sport at the Havila  Resort , Kirinyaga County on the Sagana  river, the home of Kayaking and Canoeing

The hospitality industry has been hit below the belt by the lockdown which the government imposed last week just a few days to the long Easter Holidays.

The effects have been felt by the industry which depends on both International and Domestic Tourism , with  some of the facilities virtually empty  after the local down.

A spot check within some of such   touristic attractions in Mt Kenya Region this morning established that all the bookings had been canceled resulting to massive losses.

 A section of the prestigious Havila Resort , the International Olympic Site for Canoeing and Kayaking  in Africa

At the popular Havila Resort along the gigantic Sagana river in Kirinyaga  County , the facility  which had   been fully booked  for the holidays was counting heavy losses since arrangements and procurements of the items required during the  season had been done .

The proprietor Alexander Chege said  after the presidential announcement   early in the week, where  a lock down for five counties was declared , the result was cancelation of all the advance bookings .

“We are  now busy making refunds to our esteemed customers following the lock  down while we appreciated the fact that the move  was well intended to protect both the tourists and ourselves from the covid- 19 pandemic ,”Chege said 

Some water sport lovers wading through a white water section on the Sagana river , at the Havila Resort inKirinyaga County  while these activities were in the past before the local down due to Covid - 19 pandemic

Added   the hotelier “It’s better to lose business than Human  life  since  there is  still a tomorrow where God will certainly   compensate us abundantly  hence happy  the way things have turned out  due to the pandemic which has hit  the entire world ,”.

A model camp site at Havila Resort ideal for holiday makers

The entrepreneur said most of local tourists were mainly from the  five locked down  counties while the rest were foreigners who prefer the destination  which is also  Africa’s Olympic Site for Kayaking and Canoeing .

He said clients  to this Gateway  Resort come there to enjoy the water Sport on the voluminous and rocky  Sagana river whose natural features are ideal for the  water sport.

The Havila Resort  situated along the   rolling  slopes of Mt kenya on Sagana river banks , Kirinyaga County  

Other hotels within the circuit include Sun City , Digital City ,Starwood ,Leisure ,Destination , Blue Hills   which normally  record full bookings during  this  time of the year  with  the situation being totally different today .

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