My focus is Kirinyaga,Karua

Narc _kenya leader Martha Karua addressing her party supporters at the Starwood Gardens, Kerugoya today
Narc_kenya leader Martha Karua has clarified that her focus was on the kirinyaga gubernatorial seat .
Karua said contrary to strories doing rounds in the political circles that she was better placed at the top than her home ground,her mind was fully set to wrestle the gubernatorial seat from Anne Waiguru.
Karua however said having been made the Mt Kenya region spokesperson she was ably performing the task .
"It all starts at the county level, regional then boils to national leadership short of which Kenyans won't enjoy good governance," she said.
Her die hard supporter Philip Migwi said it was worying that the county had received an average of sh 60 billion in the last ten years yet nothing tangible in terms of development could be seen on the ground.
"Imagine the ultra modern Wanguru stadium was recently built at sh 300 million and you can imagine the number of such facilities the 60 billions would have put up  had this money been put into proper use?" he posed.
Narc _kenya leader Martha Karua and her guest Dr Mukhisa Kituyi (left in a black cap)  before they addressed her supporters at the Starwood Gardens ,Kerugoya  today.
Both  Karua and Migwi blamed massive and rampant corruption for the slow pace of development in the country and added that time was up for the current county leadership.
Karua who had served as the Gichugu MP for a record  20 years said she was ready to take over the country leadership and correct the wrongs  done by the two consecutive county leaderships.
"Let me make it clear right here and now that am  stepping on Kirinyaga grounds with my both feet declaring .y candidature for the gubernatorial seat come the next general elections ," she declared .
She also clarified that she did not abdicate her constituency
duties when she resigned her ministerial position during the tenure of president Mwai  Kibaki.
" I only resigned from cabinet after I differed on matters  intergrity which i had been assigned by Kibaki but not as Gichugu MP and therefore those accusing me of abandoning my duty they are very  wrong  on this " she told her supporters 
Narc_ Kenya leader Martha Karua (center) and her guest and long time colleague Dr Mukhisa Kituyi (to her right) doing a jig  before they addressed her supporters at the Starwood Gardens Kerugoya today
Karua who is also a former Justice minister was addressing her supporters at the Starwood Gardens near Kerugoya town this morning said other that concentrating on the gubernatorial campaigns she was available for guidance on matters regional and national .
The occasion was graced by her former colleague during the Kibaki regime Dr Mukhisa Kituyi  and a political commentator and University Don Professor Giture Naituri.
Karua will be trying to capture the seat for the second time after she lost to Waiguru during the 2017 general elections .
She has been in a political oblivion since 2013 after she lost her presidential bid to president Uhuru Kenyatta whose 1O year term comes to and end after the august 2022 elections.
She would have easily captured the gubernatorial seat in 2013 had she headed to numerous please from her Friends to drop her presidential bid and revert to the county seat.
At the time little know Joseph Ndathi seized the opportunity and easily won the seat since the ground was free and level.
Karua at the time took a strong stand that she did not play a second fiddle  only to lose to Uhuru Kenyatta.
Following her declaration today, Waiguru,the area Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi ,Joseph Ndathi, Comba wa Ndau and Beadan Kagai will be her major competitors in the race.
It is also claimed former Nairobi Metropolitan Minister and former Ambassador to America was also eying for the seat.

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