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Fire guts prison dormitory in Mwea
Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022 00:00 am
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mwea G.K Prison dorm Kamiti maximum prison transferees set on fire yesterday

A fire has gutted down a prison dormitory in  Mwea , Kirinyaga County  leaving over 100 inmates  without shelter .

The 11 am fire was allegedly started by some 58 hardcore inmates who were transferred from Kamiti maximum prison last week.

The said hardcore convicted criminals started drama immediately there were brought to the facility when they declined to disembark from the prison van.

‘’After  some time with an encounter with the local prison warders  and   those who had accompanied the transferred inmates, they  agreed to disembark but vehemently  declined to sign for their personal effects, ‘’ said an officer privy to yesterday’s incident .

The inmates also declined to take meals provided   by the prison authorities but instead defecated on serving bows to the disgust of the Warders.

They were  resisting from  being transferred from Kamiti to the facility claiming being confined there was  a death sentence .

“We would  rather you take us back to Kamiti and not here (Mwea), where we are aware those who survive due to the harsh treatment are just a few ,”shouted the criminals.

A section  of the Mwea  G.K. Prison hardcore inmantes from Kamiti set on fire  protesting their transfer to the facility yesterday

On realizing  the prison   authorities   would  not barge , the inmates gave in but promised to ‘teach’ them a lesson  they would live to remember forever  according to impeccable source at the facility .

Come yesterday and   the criminals had  set the dormitory on  fire  using a gas ignited match and all hell broke loose .

The County fire engine could not access the burning dormitory  as there was no passage leaving everyone to watch in disbelief until the roof caved down .

The firemen had  even  suggested  to be allowed to drive their machine behind the  burning dorm but the prison authorities declined cited high breach of security.

Since the media was barred from accessing the facility no details were forthcoming from the authorities and so far , all in the public domain was the story on the 58 hardcore  criminals transferees from Kamiti having  caused havoc at the facility.