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Gubernatorial race entrance causes jitters
Saturday, 07 May 2022 00:00 am
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Kirinyaga County ANC gubernatorial candidate Peter Kariuki Ireri addressing Kagio town residents when he launched his campaigns this afternoon

The entry of Peter Kariuki   Ireri into the Kirinyaga gubernatorial race  has caused jitters  in the local politics creating a crowded play ground .

The ANC candidate yesterday launched  his bid with color and pomp and later inspected  Kagio and Kagumo markets to get firsthand information of the problems traders  at the facilities experience.

The American trained Economist found out that Kagio market was not only congested but lacked basic hygienic facilities.

He was conducted on a tour of the facility where he came across roofless sections where the traders carry out their business under deplorable conditions.

The candidate was also shown a ramshackle toilet which the traders  in their hundreds   use while an access road to the facility is also impassable due to its muddy nature.

Peter Kariuki Ireri,the Kirinyaga County ANC gubernatorial candidate interacting freely with  fruit vendors at Kagio town this afternoon when he made an intensive inspection of the market with a view to finding out what the traders required to.

At Kagumo market kit was a replica   of what he had witnessed  at Kagio with congestion being  the main feature.

Ireri later told the media he will criss  cross the entire county to inspect other markets next week after which he will be announcing the urgent remedial measures to save the traders from the prevailing dehumanizing environment.

“If indeed  we are serious to see Small and Medium Enterprises flourishing , then the first step is to create the necessary  favorable and conducive  environment for such business short of which we are only cheating ourselves, “he said.

Added the contender” we must as matter of priority expand the existing markets and also provide basic hygienic facilities for our traders and their customers ,”.

Continued Ireri,”  In fact my administration will also ensure there was orderly manner in which goods and commodities sold  at these  markets were categorised  in sections such that a customer does not struggle looking for what he or she wanted to buy,”

Kirinyaga County ANC Gubernatorial candidate Peter Kariuki Ireri listening attentively to a potato vendor at Kagio town market when he made an intensive  inspection of the facility before launching his campaign this afternoon.

He said that way business  would not only flourish but boom as it will attract many customers  and create a 24 hour economy which traders yearn for .

Ireri said after being through with the markets he will later turn  on the collapsed health care facilities which required  an emergency turn around.

After fixing the markets and the health care ,he added he will then address the water problem and ECD matters  systematically .

“  Am not coming to look for employment  but to offer the much desired servant leadership with the massive expertise  I have acquired in  America  and which  for many  years our people have failed  to get,”he said.

He is seeking to unseat governor Anne Waiguru while he will  also battle it out with Wangui Ngirici, Joseph Ndathi and Charles Kibiru among other contenders .