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Bring it on , a section of Mt Kenya leaders dare those planning Gachagua’s impeachment
Wednesday, 04 Jan 2023 21:00 pm
The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

The Mountain Times :- We've Got you covered

Kirinyaga Central MP Gachoki Gitari and a Nyandarua County nominated MCA Steve Muriithi daring those seeking to bring an impeachment  motion against Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua  after the two attended the burial ceremony of Margaret Wangari Maganjo at Kiratina village at Gitari's tuff this afternoon.

A section of political leaders from Mt Kenya region have dared those threatening to file an  impeachment motion against Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to make their threats real.

The leaders told off the proponents of the  alleged plot and asked them to  bring it on and stop making empty threats .

Kirinyaga Central MP Gachoki Gitari accused his Funyula counterpart Wilberforce Mundenyo (ODM)  of working for hidden forces  and reminded  him Kenyans had no  time for empty  political rhetoric .

“Let me tell my friend Mudenyo that he as actually very late and should waste no more time but file  the motion at the earliest convenience and see  its immediate consequence ,”he cautioned .

Speaking at Kiratina village  within his tuff  during the burial of Margaret Wangari  Maganjo  this afternoon, Giatri further  told Mundenyo to respect the persona of Gachagua who worked so hard to   secure the UDA victory during  last year’s general elections.

The casket containing the remains of Margaret Wangari Maganjo lying at the entrance of Kiratina Catholic church, Kirinyaga Central sub county moments before being nlsid to rest this afternoon.

The Legislator who was accompanied  by a Nyandarua County nominated MCA Steve Muriithi further  told   Mundenyo and his cohorts that the entire parliament was more than united to discuss such a premature and unwarranted  motion meant to derail the UDA development agenda .

“As Mt Kenya leaders we demand total respect  for the Deputy President  and attacking him is tantamount  to attacking  the entire community which overwhelmingly  voted for the UDA government ,”Gitari noted .

On his part Muriithi old Mundenyo to remember that the person he was planning to oust through an impeachment motion had also campaigned successfully for the Nairobi governor  Johnson Sakanja .

“I recall how the UDA brigade  led by t Gachagua vigorously  sly campaigned all over Nairobi until  Sakaja  won the gubernatorial seat only for Mudenyo who was on the opposing side to turn around now and start attacking  the Deputy President ,”the leader said.

Added   the leaders “It should go on record that Gachagua   is the kingpin for Mt Kenya  region  and anyone  in doubt should the try to bring to parliament the said impeachment  motion and see its dire consequences ,” they cautioned.

On the intended importation of the GMO foods , the two leaders said the move was in the right direction since it was a contingency measure to avert deaths and starvation due to the prolonged draught in the country .

They also hailed president  William Ruto for nullifying the allocation of hundreds of acres some senior government officials in the immediate former regime had hived from Galana Kulalu  to settle 10,000  people instead of the land being used  to produce foodstuffs as initially planned.

The leaders said the initiative to grow foods crops in all  idle government  land announced by Ruto yesterday would  certainly alleviate food shortage in the country .