Re-allocate Sh 400 million saved from Thiba dam

The just completed Thiba mega Dam filling up  in readiness for use by the Mwea Rice Farmers

The Sh 400 million  a contractor has saved from the construction of the   Sh 8 .2billion Thiba dam should be re-allocated to other  projects within Kirinyaga County , a section of the local leadership has stated .

Three leaders from the area are seeking to have at least some of the millions be  utilized for the supply of  domestic  water to the residents of Kabare Ward where the mega dam has been constructed  among the provision of other  social amenities locals desire .

 Gubernatorial candidate Peter Ireri, County Senatorial candidate Peter Kathanga and  the Gichugu parliamentary candidate Njogu Barua said it would be appreciated if some  of the money was utilized  specifically for the supply of the vital commodity to the residents so that they can also feel the own the mega project .

Kathanga (SAFINA),on his part said a  large area within Kabare  Ward  has never had any reliable  supply of domestic   water   and it was only fair the government  channeled some  of the saved millions  in addressing this need.

Gichugu Jubilee Parliamentary candidate Njogu Barua speaking to the media at the just completed Thiba mega Dam

“We have Riamiatu water project which was meant to serve 18,000 households but unfortunately this never came  to be and am now appealing to our beloved government to allocate some  of the millions it saved from the Thiba dam to improve this project ,”he said.

The candidate was speaking to the media  recently  after the Presidential Delivery Unit Director Andrew Wakahiu disclosed that the government had saved  Sh 400 million  after the contractor completed the project three months before  the scheduled time .

Ieri (ANC) on his part commended the contractor for completing the project ahead of schedule and for saving the millions as a result  of the under cost.

“These are the kind of contractors we need in this country who are accountable   , reliable and honest in their undertakings and this is the direction the country should take from now henceforth, “he said.

Burua (Jubilee) on the other hand said  the construction company  should through its social  cooperate  management consider supplying water to the entire  Kabare Ward  or re-enforcing  the existing area water projects .

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