School ranked top in the county

Standard eight pupils at the Alber school Kutus town , Kirinyaga County during the school's annual Thanks Giving Day ahead of this year's KCPE examination yesterday.

The Alber Schoool, Kutus, has been  ranked the top in Kirinyaga County for the last year’s KCPE examination.

The school situated in Kutus  posted a mean score of 382.5  marks coming  top  in the county which has 57 schools both private (34) and public (23).

The school also took to the National Secondary schools scores of pupils who excelled in the 2017 KCPE ,  most of whom are due to join various Universities this year.

A section of students who sat for their KCPE examination at the Alber school Kutus town Kirinyaga County,in 2017 and  are now due to join various Universities this year . They went to various secondary schools among the Alliance ,Starehe,Njiris etc where they scored an average  B grade . They had joined their former primary school for a Thanks Giving Day yesterday.

It is also aiming at attaining a mean score  of 410  marks during the forthcoming KCPE  examination , according to the teachers at the institution .

Some joined  Alliance  Boys High school, Starehe , Njiris, Ngadu and Muranga High  most of whom attended  the school’s Thanks Giving  Day yesterday .

The  bright chidden who made the school shine  in the 2017 KCPE results hailed from poor backgrounds prompting the school Director   Albert Nyaga and his Board to create a bursary fund  for this category of achievers.

From the beneficiaries mouths and  in front  of some Clergy , parents and stake holders , they confessed how they were  sustained  in secondary schools courtesy of Mr Nyaga.

The Alber school Kutus town Kirinyaga County Director Albert  Nyaga in action during the school's Thanks Giving Day yesterday rushing to ensure things were in order.

From Victor Kaara to Gideon Macharia , the beneficiaries told the gathering how the Director paid for all their school fees and upkeep during their Four years of Secondary education having come from poor backgrounds without which they would  not have seen the door of a secondary school.

Alber school Director/proprietor Albert Nyaga (left) with a   Kutus Anglican based Clergyman who presided over a Thanks Giving Day ceremony ahead of this year's  KCPE examination at the institution yesterday.

Nyaga  who is a professional secondary school teacher said having realised the potential the needy students  had , decided to assist them by offering full scholarships as his part of corporate responsibility .

He said as a result of his generosity to the needy God had blessed his school and a which at the moment has  an enrolment of 1815 learners while last year it had 1510.

“We  have continued to expand on infrastructure to accommodate the rising number of children while we are also in the process of procuring two more buses to increase our existing fleet due to the high demand we  are receiving from parents from almost every corner of the County,” he said.

Former Alliance Boys High school  David Kariuki who was the guest Speaker asked  the parents to invest in their children and not for their children .

“Once you invest in your children you are assured  of the continuation of your family since the children will look for their own wealth but once you invest for the them they will later as has been clearly evidenced and documented squander  everything  and become paupers ,”he cautioned .

The career educationist also  warned parents never to speak ill of teachers or consume alcohol in the presence of their children .

He said most of the indiscipline case occurring in schools were as a result of poor parenting and this should stop if the country’s  future was  expected to be  banked  in the hands  of such children.

On a lighter note Kariuki asked voters to look for a cat that can catch the mouse  and reject those with well documented dark past .

“As long as a cat can catch  a mouse  ,I think such a cat can be  voted into any elective positions since it is a performer ,”he said.

The  school has both Day and Boarding facilities hence the high enrolment rate coupled by its good examination performance and the high  transition rate to nationals  schools and public Universities .

Last year the school  had  147 KCPE  candidates while the number  has risen to 160 this year who have  promised to break the record attained by their predecessors .

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