Students injured

Scores of students from Kerugoya Girls secondary school, Kirinyaga County are feared to have been seriously injured after their domitory was set on fire this evening.
The entire school was said to have been attending prayers shirt after taking supper at about 6 PM.
The school with a population of 1200 students went  into a panicky mood after the girls saw fire and dark smoke billowing from the burning domitory .
The students went  helta  skelta while screaming at the top of their voices to alert the nearby kerugoya police station that their Scholl was on fire.
It was reported that some students were stumpled on by their   panicky colleagues who were rushing to the burning dom to put out the fire.
The burning dom,it has been established is close to a shed where the school vehicles are parked
Police then rushed to the scene and embarked on extinguishing the raging inferno before they were joined by the county fire brigade.

The combined efforts  managed to put out the fire while moments latter ,ambulances   drove into the school with their sirens  blaring  and started to evacuate the injured  students to hospital .
Some of injured students were said to have inhaled carbon dioxide as they broke the windows in an attempt to salvage their boxes from the burning domitory .
Other students were said to have suffered from shock on seeing their personal effects go into smoke .
It was claimed some students who had taken cover within the  school vehicles parking bay might have siphoned petrol  from the stationery vehicles which they used to burn the dormitory.
Police are however to issue a statement as to what actually transpired .
Tension however is high at the institution with strict  and tight security at the gate to wade off outsiders as police secured the area to enable them carry forensic investigations .
The  incident came barely some hour later after a similar one occured at Njega secondary school within the same Kirinyaga Central Sub _County early today.
The unrests in schools are three faced with students baring the highest blame ,their parents while some teachers who are said to be lazy or intending to benefit from the fines parents being cited in the euphoria

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