This is inhuman - Official

A top Kanu official for  Tharaka-Nithi  County has criticized  leaders from the area who have gone personal to discredit the Chaka University Vice Chancellor Professor  Erastus Njoka .

Area party Chairman Peter Ndatho said although he does not support the Don politically, it was inhuman for the detractors to dispute his academic credentials.

“Professor Njoka deserves respect for what he has been able to accomplish for our great county. Just because he has declared his intent to view   for the area gubernatorial seat he should be humiliated by his detractors by using state agents and other organs, “the official cautioned.

Speaking to the   media this morning, Ndatho urged  leaders to conduct themselves maturely and stop mudslinging  their perceived political enemies .

He reminded them  they should remembers in politics there were no permanent enemies as those they branded enemies could turn out to be their greatest  friends through various circumstances .

“Along these  lines am urging all leaders in Tharaka –Nithi county both in office and those wishing to vie for various elective positions come next year’s general elections ,”Ndatho  said.

The official also cautioned that since elections come and go area leaders should learn to live and let live  while  the county would be there for ever and ever more.

The chairman has since  called on all the leaders to sober up and conduct themselves   maturely during  the electioneering period putting into account that they will still live together as before after the  elections .

He said he will continue to accord Njoka the due respect he deserves through he (Ndatho), subscribes  to a different political persuasion .

“Professor Njoka , it has emerged those mudslinging him have been left an embarrassed lot after subjecting to  summons  by the EACC, is an academician  per excellence who has a special space these detractors will never occupy regardless of what they have done  to him,”he noted .

Njoka is the first VC to head Chuka University after it was chartered in 2013 by President Mwai Kibaki to date.


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