Traditional prayer believers hold a day ,long pilgrimage around mt Kenya

The Kikuyu traditional prayers head Samuel Kamitha blesses  an American Gussie  Young who was on the annual Mt Kenya pilgrim at Kianjiru market within the Samson's Corner section of the Kutus _Embu road this morning . The adherents  made the first stop out of the seven at the venue before completing the pilgrimage in Nyeri via Kirinyaga,Embu,Tharaka -Nithi,Meru ,laikipia then Nyeri

Traditional  believers in their hundreds  local and International this morning  trooped  to the Mt  Kenya where they held prayers around the  equatorial mountain.

The believers young and old traveled in motor vehicles  strapped  with sky blue ribbons and drove around the mountain  as they made stop overs to pray at seven specially idengtified   sections .

Their first such stop was  at the Samson’s Corner in Kirinyaga County near Kianjiiru  market which was a  converging point from those  from the Nyeri, Muranga and Nairobi directions .

Samuel   Kamitha ,  the Chief Priest and Director of the Central Kenya Mumbi Cultural Museum  arrived at the section as early as 7.30 am and embarked on the prayers .

Just like last year the believers were again  joined by an  American Gussie Young  and a 2017 Presidential hopeful Dr Jeff Kaluyu  who hailed the organisers of the pilgrimage which had now become a global event.

Kaluyu and Young who spoke to media moments after the believers started leaving the venue for Embu said the event had been able  to bring Humanity  together for a common goal , prayers and thanksgiving .

“Am impressed by the high spirit of these believers with the congregation becoming larher and  larger . I will certainly be here next year God willing since I feel part and parcel of these  congregants  ,”Young said.

A section of traditional believers who thronged the Samson's Corner section at Kianjiru market Kirinyaga County where their annual day long around Mt Kenya pilgrim began this morning

As for Kaluyu the size of the gathering and the brotherhood displayed by the presence  of various denominations  including the Muslim community was  a clear show of unity amongst Kenyans regardless of their religious backgrounds .

He sad even after having been disqualified by the IEBC from running for the presidency in the August general elections come 2027 he will  be amongst the top contenders for the State job.

Kaluyu said he has since established strong networks in the entire country  was optimistic that since he has what it takes to become the next Head of State ,Kenyans will accord him the opportunity he so much desires in order  to take the nation to the next level of development.

 Kamitha on the other  hand  said Mt Kenya was used as a place of worship, noting that most communities that lived near the mountain believed God lived in the mountain.

Dr Jeff Kaluyu ,the 2017 unsuccessful presidential hopeful stresses a point at a media briefing moments after engaging in a traditional prayer session at the Samson's Corner ,near Kianjiru market ,Kirinyaga County this morning. He was in the company of an American  believer Gussie Young who had traveled all the way for the annual pilgrim  around mountain Kenya this morning

“The Pharaohs of Egypt, the Biblical Moses and Prophet Isaiah visited mountains for prayers. Before Pharaohs could be bestowed with kingship, they used to hold a pilgrimage in the mountain, where they would hold prayers for seven days,” the Priest said.

The faithful drove anti-clockwise around Mt Kenya, stopping seven times on the way to pray at designated sections off  the highway to avoid any interference  with the traffic flow.

This year’s event went on uninterrupted, unlike in 2015 when police in combat gear stopped the worshippers and searched their vehicles mid-way.

At  this section an ardent believer and  Kamitha’s right hand man and key organiser  Ruth Wanjiku Enkeseri was conspicuously  missing though it was claimed by a section of the beliers that she was still on the way  for  the annual pilgrim.

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