Village plunged into sorrow and mourning

Kathata village in Kirinyaga East Sub- County has been plunged  into  a state of sorrow after a man went berserk and wiped his entire family by hacking them to death with an axe .

After  the 2 am horrific incident , the man walked  and surrendered himself  to the  law enforcing agents   at the nearby Kianyaga Police station.

The 35 year old  man was reported to have been caught red handed by his wife allagedly defiling his 13 year old daughter  when hell broke.

The man who appeared to have premeditated to wipe out his family picked an axe and hacked the wife before setting on the four children starting with the rape victim.

“After doing  with the wife , the man then set  upon  the four children whose bodies he mutilated with the sharp weapon and fled  from the home , “ a shocked neighbour who did not wish to  be named told  the  Moutain Times  earlier this morning .

The  blood soaked man then rushed to a nearby Murubara stream where he confessed  to have thrown the murder weapon to  before  attempting  to commit suicide.

But the suspect was said to have changed his mind over suicide and left a can full of  some chemical before  walking  to the police station and surrendered .

The lifeless bodies of the victims were found lying on their beds which had been soaked with blood.

Following the incident, local leaders have urged area residents to stay calm  since the suspect  has since been arrested .

Gichugu Parliamentary aspirant Clement Munyua while condemning the brutal multiple murders assured the next of kin of his full support during  the mourning  period  .

 “ I have with deep sorrow learnt of this heinous  crime committed  against an innocent family and  I wish to stake that it’s unfortunate that we had to lose such a young family through extreme domestic violence , Munyua   said in his condolence message .

Also to condemn the murders was the Kirinyaga Senatorial aspirant Gachoki Kathanga who asked the church and  other social Organisations to step up their counseling efforts  to families suffering from their drug addicted members .

“ What has happened today in our beloved county is not only shocking but worrying since  an entire family was  completely whipped  out in a matter of minutes ,”said the aspirants .

The  suspect who is said to have confessed to the police how he planned and executed the murders at Monday dawn is being held at Kianyaga police station pending court appearance  later .

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