Waiguru fights back

Governor Anne Waiguru's ardent supporter James Mugo reacting to the  endorsement of Senator Charles Kibiru after he was endorsed as the Kirinyaga County Jubilee spokesman yesterday

Barely 24 hours  after Senator Charles Kibiru was declared the Kirinyaga County political spokesman , area Governor Anne Waiguru has come guns brazing  and dismissed  him as an absentee leader .

Waiguru wondered where Kibiru has been since he was elected in 2017 only to surface upon learning she had defected to the winning party, UDA.

Through her supporters, Waiguru said Kibiru was a stranger to the county since no one knows him despite being a Senator.

According to one of her ardent supporters Joseph Mugo the purported elevation of Kibiru by a section of allegedly handpicked pressure groups was inconsequential.

“Am shocked beyond words to hear Kibiru has been appointed the spokesman of a skeleton party which died  long  time  ago, “Mugo claimed.

Waiguru had assembled her troops  at the Buffalo hotel , in Kagio  town where she  also challenged Kibiru to state  where in the county he had  even  built  a pit latrine .

Said  the governor through the supporters “ the likes of Kibiru are jealous of the massive development my administration has been able to realise within the last two years hence salivating  over my projects ,”.

Mugo  on the  other hand told Kibiru  to keep off the affairs of the county more so he had never been visible in the area since he was elected until yesterday when he was endorsed the county spokesman.

A Mwea  based priest James Mwangi making his stand known over hie unwavering  support for the Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru during a hastily convened press conference at the Buffalo Bay hotel ,Kagio this afternoon to counter the endorsement of senator  Charles Kibiru as the local Jubilee spokesman yesterday by four  local interests groups 

“The pressure  and interest groups which endorsed Kibiru to the  position represented their own stomachs  and not the views of the county  , “he said.

This afternoon the Waiguru troops  told Kibiru to forget the purported endorsement the way he  forgot his mother’s breasts.

The  endorsement  according to those involved was meant to  ensure  there was no leadership  vacuum following Waiguru’s defection to the UDA.

Jubilee  chairman Murithi Kangara said in the event president Uhuru Kenyatta visited the county Kibiru would be the leader to welcome  the Head of State since the governor had abandoned the very  party that propelled her to the gubernatorial position.

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