Widow rendered destitute in Kirinyaga

A widow Kasioki Muthami  whose  house at Bagladesh village near Kimbimbi market , Kirinyaga County was allegedly demolished by KARLO staffers over a week ago leaving her and her five children in the cold

A widow in Kirinyaga County and her children have been rendered destitute after their rented house was allegedly destroyed by a government   Agency.

Her five year old grandson has been seriously affected by the cold and has since dropped out of school while the family’s future    appears   to have reached a dead end .

The dwelling of  Kasioki Muthami (45) which had been used to house employees of the Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO)  but after the scaling down of government employees many years ago , the houses were leased to those who wished is no more.

A widow Kasioki  Muthami and sympathysers   marvel  at the destroyed house she used to live in allegedly by some KARLO staffers without any court order as the law requires over a week ago.

These semi-permanent houses are made of a concrete floor, iron sheet walls and roofs as clearly demonstrated by a photo of the destroyed structure where Muthami and her family lived within Bangladesh village, just within Kimbimbi market .

About two weeks ago, some employees of the nearby KALRO  Centre  and well known to the widow(  names withheld) descended on  her  house and removed the entire roof leaving her  household items exposed to the current heavy rains .

“They carried the iron sheets away using a KARLO vehicle and also took away my Television set where I had hidden some Sh 6000 in cash leaving my six family members and the small grandson in the cold , hungry and traumatized ,” she said.

When the press visited her yesterday morning she emerged from a ramshackle within next to the destroyed house appearing a destitute with hopelessness and despair written on her face .

An unbranded NIB sign post warning the public the land was a government one and not for sale but for renting  at the entrance of Bagladesh village Mwea ,Kirinyaga County.

But what even   most shocking was not her state but the response from KARLO which depicted her  as the most  troublesome individual who was roaming around seeking  to get sympathy she didn’t deserve  using  the  media.

This came about after this journalist attempted to call the station manager for comments Dr  Ruth Musila through her cell phone but without success .

The newsman decided to send a  text to her but after about an hour or so, a phone call came from a senior employee of the station  and well known to this reporter and  who started the engagement from  very far away instead of coming straight to the  point.

He later admitted he  had decided to call me on the strength of my text which he claimed to have  seen from a person outside the  organisation a statement I knew was  all falsehood.

He claimed  the boss was unwell and away from the station and as such he was not in a position to talk to the media yet he had already confined to me  that  there was even a  vacate letter  addressed to the widow.

A ramshackle a widow Kasioka Muthami is now calling her home after a KARLO one she has been residing for a long time was allegedly destroyed by sine two staffers from this government agency about two weeks ago.

Even on being reminded  that no one can take the law into his hands unless using a  varied court order could demolish , destroy  or  use  force to eject any one  , the officer became adamant and insisted  the widow must  vacate  since she even owes the organisation some Sh 50,000 in unpaid rent  arrears .

On  realising that he was treading on a  slippery path , the officer said to  the number  two in command changed the story and claimed he was not aware of the legal implications and consequences since he is only a plant scientist.

“ Mr xyz ---- do you remember a recent incident in Nairobi where a Kenyan of the Asian decent had her  prime property descended on by an Auctioneer with his goons , looted and demolished her parochial  home using a fake court order?. Are you also aware of a powerful Cabinet Secretary on whose  behalf the demolition was carried out has been ordered to rebuild the posh home Immediately?. If I were you I would order  the two staffers (names withheld), who demolished the structure to reconstruct it immediately then  anything else can start from there !

A widow Kasioki Muthami salvages what was left after her at Bagladesh village near Kimbimbi market Kirinyaga County was allegedly demolished by KARLO staffers almost two weeks ago.


The officer then promised to organise for a meeting  with the  said director this morning but this reporter was kept waiting without any call to confirm or postpone the meeting .

Even after sending another text to that effect , now one responded  prompting me to call one (name withheld), who told me not to trade the gun  against him since his colleague who had made the promise was right there.


But on  being handed over the handset , the officer shifted the goal posts and insisted I was to visit the    station this morning.

‘’Mr xyz , how   could I possibly travel all the way from Kerugoya  to Kimbimbi without first establishing the boss was in the office ,?’

Response “ any way she has left and will not be available  for the next one week . She has taken leave and you do not disturb an officer with official matters once he or she  is on leave,”.

 Added  the officer, “You must also understand that we have sent a demand  notice to the widow and this matter is now being handled by the highest authority  and I must accuse you media guys of being one sided . You are unprofessional for you haven’t taken our official position.,”

He also said the organisation was going to renovate the demolished house to accommodate its employee  yet one section of the same house is being occupied by one Dominic Muriuki since 1980 while the entire are has no perimeter wall  and  structures are just but dingy .

This reporter was left dumb folded on such  a  quire accusation yet it  is all bare for all and the Sundry to see the massive efforts I have made since yesterday to seek for KARLO’s comments and which the officer has willfully provided .

Just like Muriuki no tenant is issued with an official receipt upon payment of   the initial sh 300  in the  olden day  and which has now shot up to  sh 700 as  today.

The  officer was also at pains to explain why he didn’t accuse the media of being unprofessional when the Fourth Estate put up a spirited fight in support of KARLO to recover its grabbed 200 acres at Mathangauta village within the expansive Mwea Irrigation scheme several years back.

Question “ Mr xyz comparing  the 200 acre land which KARLO has recovered and this small piece of a plot less than  10x 10 meters does it make any sense to accuse the media of being unprofessional “?.

The area is prime and certain grabbers said to be salivating  on the property are allegedly behind this whole  circus and gross violation of Human Rights

This is a  developing story which the media is keenly following up  to its logical conclusion since basic and fundamental Human Rights of this poor family have been  grossly violated more so since the widow is a Kenya Citizen while the land belongs to the government and not an individual enterprise as KARLO official seems to imply by his unkind deeds  and pronouncements .

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