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The crumbling of communism architecture bows out of the world

On Tuesday this week , at a Moscow hospital the man who was the chief Architecture in bringing down communism in the early 90’s took his last breath…

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Iran challenges tea farmers to increase production

Iranian Ambassodar to the county Dr Jafar Barmaki addressing the media after making an intensive tour of the Kangaita tea farm where orthodox tea is…

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Killing of Al Jazeera scribe immoral

The  killing  of an Al Jazeera Journalist by Israel soldiers yesterday while on official assignment is a perfection of apartheid  by the Israel State…

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Repatriate the US based Ruto ally

The Government should apply for the immediate repatriation of an  US based William Ruto’s ally for  disrespecting  and hurling insults  to three senior…

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Americans, Canadians answer Ukraine call for foreign fighters

in an email to Reuters, said U.S. citizens are urged not to travel to Ukraine.

Not all volunteers want to fight.

In Quebec, 35-year-old…

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Too Many to Count: Factors Driving Fertilizer Prices Higher and Higher

Among farmers and ranchers, very few topics are being discussed as much as the skyrocketing cost of fertilizer and increasing concerns regarding availability.…

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China says US peddling conspiracies as lab-leak theory returns

Newapaper reports said three lab workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalised in November 2019 with coronavirus-like symptoms. - AFP

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On Biden's Inauguration Day, Trump Will See Himself Out, really this man represents Museveni in America

President Trump plans to leave the White House and Washington on Inauguration Day with a departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, a senior administration…

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