Who is Mr. Samuel Kamitha?

It would take acres and hectares of words to manifestly shed light on who Mr. Samuel Kamitha really is. Allow us to just briefly analyse the profile of Mr Kamitha, who is the messenger of Mt. Kenya’s Chief Seer, and the director of Gikuyu & Mumbi Cultural Museum. By knowing Mr Samuel Kamitha, humanity will, for the first time,  have a glimpse of the African science as known to the African sages and seers. Mr. Samuel Kamitha is a trained taxidermist  and cultural anthropologist. As a  cultural anthropologist, Mr Samuel Kamitha is an accomplished  pundit specializing in the systematic study and analysis of diverse human societies, with a particular emphasis on understanding cultural practices, beliefs, social structures, and historical developments within those societies. His prowess & knowledge is not just on an intellectual and academic level, but also a supernaturally divine and spiritual  degree.


Betweeen 1988-1997 (World Cultural Decade), Mr. Kamitha was was contracted to research on how to protect Mount Kenya forest from overexploitation.  He based his research on the strength and firm belief that the local community had useful knowledge and understanding on how to keep the forest sustainable. According to Mr. Kamitha, for millennia the local community had utilized Mount Kenya as a renewable source of firewood, grazing and farming. Unfortunately, as historical forest management knowledge was lost with time, so was Mount Kenya’s sacredness. His research, focusing on culture and development, aimed to use collective memory to balance resource use. To do this research, he worked with local elders who are like living encyclopedias of African life and traditions. From 1990 to 1992, he collaborated with the Gikuyu elders to gather traditional methods for managing the local environment. Mr Samuel Kamitha steered his study with the goal that once the knowledge is accessible, it can be utilized to educate a previously uninformed community, serving as the initial stage in crafting policies. In 1993, in recognition and through the recommendation of the same elders, Mr. Samuel Kamitha was elevated to the Mount Kenya College of Seers. After uttering his clan as a “Munjiru” (the rightful clan of seers), Mr. Kamitha underwent a spiritual initiation in the college of seers, where he gained extraordinary wisdom. In a nutshell, this is the process that Mr. Kamitha went through to mark  his recruitment to the prestigious college of seers, and the Divine role of Chief Seer (Mugo wa Kibiru)’s messenger.

He was made to fast for 40 days under the watchful eyes of the elders. Initiated up to the last 35th level of seer’s ladder in the esoteric wisdom, he passed the test of water, air, soil and fire in reference to Mountains Kirinyaga (Mt Kenya), Nyandarua (Aberdare Ridges), Kianjahi (Ol Donyo Sabuk) and Kiri Mbiruiru (Ngong Hills) to complete the seer’s sign of the cross. He was put on a three days herb-induced sleep known as three days death. The last herb known as the tree of life awakened him. By the time he regained consciousness he had acquired a pinnacle of unnatural/extraordinary wisdom. Mr Kamitha had also reached the state of no desire. Mr Kamitha also acquired an instant understanding of the nature of departed spirits. This is one of the twelve disciplines in the cluster of Gikuyu Wisdom. He was given a stars name like all seers and honoured with a seer’s muthigi -staff. Once the initiate is bestowed with muthigi staff, he is ritually added “an extra 30 years”– This signifies that he does not interact with his age mates because he is senior to them by 30 years.

Mr. Samuel Kamitha’s conventional education has helped him  in understanding the world of seers in a positive way. Though their wisdom lacks vocabularies and terminologies in a narrowed down process, the result is so precise and magical beyond comprehension in the world of logics. In the summary of who is Mr. Samuel Kamitha, this messenger of Mt. Kenya’s Chief Seer is a person deeply involved in cultural preservation and research, with a focus on the Gikuyu people and their traditions. He has held significant positions in cultural organizations and has contributed to global discussions on culture and conservation in high positions. Mr Kamitha reports that he is open to collaborations with universities and research centers in areas of research. He became the Director-General of the Gikuyu and Mumbi Cultural Museum, and his work was recognized by UNESCO, a global organization. In 2007 he organized Jubilee Cultural Ceremony of the three Mt. Kenya communities (Meru, Embu and Gikuyu). The ceremony traces the history of God’s Ark of the Covenant from Axum, Ethiopia, to Mount Kenya where it was put to rest in 1210 AD.

Over the years, he held various positions, including being appointed to various committees related to culture and conservation. He also organized cultural events and prayer drives around Mount Kenya, most notably the Mt. Kenya Prayer Walk which he kickstarted in 2008. In 2010, he became the National Chairman of the Kenya Culture and Council of Elders Association. Mr Samuel Kamitha is also the author of  Secrets of the Holy Mountain book. This book was plagiarized by Marvel Studios & Disney to script the blockbuster film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.  There is an active lawsuit for this plagiary, justice being pursued by Qadree El-Amin (former BOYZ II MEN manager and Michael Jackson’s promoter), and US Hip Hop producer Prince Michael. The two stars visited Mr Samuel Kamitha in October 2018 and undertook the Mt Kenya Prayer Walk with the Chief Seer’s messenger & the Principal Elders. During the beautiful occasion, Qadree El-Amin was given a Kikuyu name, Mungai, while his associate Prince Michael was christened Muchiri.

Mr. Kamitha has been active in sharing his knowledge through electronic and print media. He hosts talk shows, contributes to radio programs, and occasionally appears in local newspapers. His work is aimed at preserving and promoting African culture and wisdom, especially that of the Gikuyu people. Its in the  community’s, Africa’s, and indeed the world’s interests that Mr. Samuel Kamitha should go back to radio and print media to disseminate the wisdom of the Anjiru Clan sages and seers, and the messages of Mt. Kenya’s Chief Seer to the world. If you would like to lend a hand towards this noble cause of facilitating Mr Samuel Kamitha broadcasting via the airwaves in the local media, we invite you to donate via this page. All proceeds go directly to him, and the offline bank account data shared in the same donations page is personally his. To have full confidence that you are channeling your donations to him, you can verify with him by reaching him through the contacts given on his website, www.yamumbi.com. Our website, mtkenya.co.ke, works as a subsidiary of Yamumbi, helping in Mr Kamitha’s work through digital outreach, through his express permission.  

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